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Horizontal packing machine DE180N

Product Introduction:Equipment features: 1. "Touch screen control center" using Mitsubishi control system in Japan, the exact operation of the entire production process: to adjust the weight, packaging speed, sealing strength, automatic counting (daily output, production and cumulative production), emergency braking, fault information automatic detection , Automatic feedback, and the like
Product Details:

Equipment features:
1. "Touch screen control center" using Mitsubishi control system in Japan, the exact operation of the entire production process: to adjust the weight, packaging speed, sealing strength, automatic counting (daily output, production and cumulative production), emergency braking, fault information automatic detection , Automatic feedback, and the like
2. "Filling method" driven by the servo motor, the motor driven screw driven powder filling into the bag, the high precision and stability;
3. "Cam power mechanism" equipment to run more stable longer life, super stability, low decibel no noise, a wide range of unstable factors to reduce the cylinder;
4. "Dive filling mechanism" when filling the cup automatically into the bag inside the material, so that the liquid material does not spill, to ensure that the appearance of clean and beautiful products;
5. Each filling station has a detection pressure valve, which can effectively prevent the erroneous operation caused by improper operation and so on.
6. "less film warning, no film automatically shut down, no material automatically shut down, automatic correction, automatic correction and other characteristics;
7. "Failure to stop" When there is an improper operation leading to equipment operation error, the system will immediately flash light "alarm" and "touch screen" control center shows the cause of the malfunction.

8. Advanced "bag body", positioning accuracy, intelligent correction, adjust the bag width is more convenient;
9. The optimized "auxiliary bag" and "auxiliary sealing" device greatly enhance the bagging rate and the appearance of the product;
Special Note: According to the needs of users can be used to fill the machine, after the packaging cartoning machine, pallet stacking, vacuum feeding machine, bucket elevator, dust traps, mixers and other equipment to form operating lines.
Product selection: (with brackets for the optional function, if not need to be omitted)

Host part

Auxiliary part


Bag shape



Function bag

Out of the way


Material corrosive

Filling device















N:Ordinary three or four sides sealed


1:Single out 

Tp:Positive mouth




P:Powder head




2:Double out

Ap:Oblique mouth




S:Combination of scales


S:Self-standing bag


3:Three out 


F:Filling machine


Sh:Shaped bags


4:Four out

C:Measuring cups



L:Linear scale

A:Number of machines

1. series
"D" stands for "bag product packing machine series", "180" represents the maximum bag width of the bag;
"E" stands for "easy to tear" function;
"H" stands for "hanging hole" function;
"C" on behalf of the above "D", "E" two functions;
2. Bag shape:
(T): twins - twins can be cut with a virtual knife, you can also achieve more bags;
(V): the use of virtual cut knife cut double bag;
(S): independent bag - you can choose a different standing width;
(Sh): shaped bags - according to the actual needs of customers customized special shape of the bag;
3. Station: (1,2,3,4)
Can increase the demand according to production needs, the station is relatively faster than the packaging speed;
4. Capacity (1,2,3,4)
Host movement a cycle produced by the number of products, the greater the greater the number of production capacity;
5. Function bag: (optional function)
(Tp): Positive mouth - the valve is located above the bag;
(Ap): oblique mouth - the valve with a certain angle;
(Zp): zipper - can be reused, repeated sealed bag;
6. Discharge method:
C: Conveyor belt: for self-standing bag products;
S: chute - suitable for ordinary three side seal, four sides sealed bag shape;
7. Material corrosion:
Y: corrosive - for corrosive materials, contact with the material part of the parts are used corrosion-resistant materials 316, tetrafluoroethylene and so on;
N: non-corrosive - for non-corrosive materials, are used high-quality carbon steel plating, oxidation of hard aluminum alloy;
8. Filling device: (optional auxiliary device)
P: powder head - for the nature of the material for the powder products;
S: combination of scales - for the nature of the material for the particles, dried fruit, block products;
F: Filling machine - suitable for the nature of the material for the fluid products;
C: measuring cup - used in the particles, paste and other types of products;
L: linear scale - for small products;
A: number of tablets - for pills and other materials shape a unified product;
For example:
180 self-standing bag plus positive mouth double-station single with distribution line + filling machine;
Expression form: D180S-21TpC-Y-F

Host technical parameters: (bold that the current page models; by the layout limit failed to all models listed in the following table, please call us)

Volume (ml or g) model Bag Size (Min / Max) Production capacity (max) power Air consumption Reference device size (≈ m)
≥2 & ≤60 DE110N-11S-N 50*50/110*130mm 70ppm 2.5kw 100NL/min 2.2*0.95*1.46
≥2 & ≤160 DE130N-11S-N 60*75/140*130mm 70ppm 3.5kw 200NL/min 2.85*9.2*1.46
≥2 & ≤450 DE180N-11S-N 60*75/180*225mm 70ppm 5.0kw 250NL/min 3.3*9.70*1.45
≥2 & ≤450 DE180N-21S-N 60*75/180*225mm 70ppm 5.0kw 250NL/min 3.5*9.70*1.45
≥2 & ≤450 DE180N-31S-N 60*75/180*225mm 70ppm 5.0kw 250NL/min 3.7*9.70*1.45
≥2 & ≤225 DE180N-22S-N 60*75/90*225mm 140ppm 6.5kw 280NL/min 3.7*9.70*1.45
≥2 & ≤225 DE180T-22S-N 60*75/90*225mm 140ppm 6.5kw 280NL/min 3.7*9.70*1.45
≥2 & ≤1000 DE180S-21C-N 75*160/180*270mm 60ppm 6.0kw 300NL/min 6.6*1.1*1.5
≥2 & ≤1000 DE180S-31C-N 75*160/180*270mm 60ppm 6.0kw 300NL/min 6.8*1.1*1.5
≥2 & ≤500 DE180S-22C-N 75*160/90*270mm 120ppm 7.0kw 350NL/min 6.6*1.1*1.5
≥2 & ≤1000 D180S-21TpC-N 90*160/180*270mm 60ppm 7.0kw 350NL/min 6.6*1.1*1.5
≥2 & ≤500 D180S-22TpC-N 90*160/90*270mm 120ppm 8.0kw 400NL/min 6.6*1.1*1.5
≥2 & ≤1000 D180S-21ApC-N 90*160/180*270mm 60ppm 7.5kw 400NL/min 7.0*1.1*1.5
≥2 & ≤500 D180S-22ApC-N 90*160/90*270mm 120ppm 8.0kw 450NL/min 7.0*1.1*1.5
≥2 & ≤1000 DE180S-21ZpC-N 90*160/180*270mm 60ppm 7.5kw 400NL/min 6.8*1.1*1.5
≥2 & ≤500 DE180S-22ZpC-N 90*160/180*270mm 120ppm 8.0kw 450NL/min 6.8*1.1*1.5
≥2 & ≤225 DE270N-13S-N 75*160/90*270mm 180ppm 7.0kw 300NL/min 5.65*0.97*1.36
≥2 & ≤225 DE270N-23S-N 75*160/90*270mm 180ppm 7.0kw 300NL/min 5.94*0.97*1.36
≥2 & ≤225 DE270T-13S-N 75*160/90*270mm 180ppm 7.0kw 300NL/min 5.83*0.97*1.36
≥2 & ≤225 DE270T-23S-N 75*160/90*270mm 180ppm 7.0kw 300NL/min 6.12*0.97*1.36
≥2 & ≤500 DE270S-23C-N 75*160/90*270mm 180ppm 8.5kw 450NL/min 6.94*1.1*1.36
≥2 & ≤500 D270S-23Tp-N 90*160/90*270mm 180ppm 8.5kw 500NL/min 6.94*1.1*1.36
≥2 & ≤500 D270S-23ApC-N 90*160/90*270mm 180ppm 8.5kw 500NL/min 7.70*1.1*1.36
≥2 & ≤500 D270S-23ZpC-N 90*160/90*270mm 180ppm 8.0kw 450NL/min 7.20*1.1*1.36
≥2 & ≤225 DE360N-14C-N 75*160/90*270mm 240ppm 7.5kw 300NL/min 6.5*0.97*1.36
≥2 & ≤225 DE360N-24C-N 75*160/90*270mm 240ppm 7.5kw 300NL/min 6.9*0.97*1.36
≥2 & ≤225 DE360T-14C-N 75*160/90*270mm 240ppm 7.5kw 300NL/min 6.8*0.97*1.36
≥2 & ≤225 DE360T-24C-N 75*160/90*270mm 240ppm 7.5kw 300NL/min 7.2*0.97*1.36
≥2 & ≤500 D360S-24TpC-N 90*160/180*270mm 240ppm 9.0kw 550NL/min 7.5*0.97*1.36
≥2 & ≤500 D360S-24ZpC-N 75*160/90*230mm 240ppm 8.5kw 500NL/min 7.5*0.97*1.36
Model Description: 1. The above model in the unified "non-corrosive" material column number, if the material is corrosive after the suffix "N" rewritten as "Y" can;
2. The above models are not filled with equipment, such as the need to fill the device directly at the end of the model with filling device code can be;
3. The bag organization has the "servo bag (high precision easy to shape)" and "mechanical bag (economic shape)" by default recommended by the former; if limited by the equipment model, please add code "J". For example: J-D110N-11S-N
Production technical requirements 1. Roll tube diameter ≥ 74 & ≤ 78
2. The maximum diameter of the membrane is ≤550mm
3. Film thickness 80 ~ 180μ
4. Power requirements: 380V 3phase 50Hz
5. Working pressure: 0.5 ~ 0.7Mpa

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