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Powder packaging machine manufacturers which is good

Time:2017-04-07   Author:Shang Hai Hua Cheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
Powder packaging machine is an indispensable equipment for flour manufacturers, many flour manufacturers on the choice of powder packaging machines are very seriously, a good powder packaging machine manufacturers is the product quality, product performance, good after-sales service protection. Customers are on the flour packaging machine manufacturers of service and quality are very seriously. The following are the same as the "
Powder packaging machine manufacturers only high quality to ensure that the flour packaging machine better and more advanced use, is the necessary conditions for long-term use. This article introduces the conditions that the manufacturer of the powder packaging machine should have.
Good flour packaging machine manufacturers should have the following characteristics:
1. Corporate image is the enterprise through the external characteristics and operational strength shown by the consumer and the public recognized the overall impression of the enterprise. The image of an enterprise represented by external features is called the image of the surface, such as signs, facades, logos, advertisements, trademarks, clothing, business environment, etc., which gives an intuitive feel and easy to form an impression; Called deep image, it is a concentrated expression of internal factors, such as the quality of personnel, production and management capacity, management level, capital strength, product quality.
2. Standardization is a modern flour packaging machine manufacturers a feature, from the enterprise's standardization of content, the first is the standardization of production operations, including national standards, industry standards and corporate standards, and all aspects of strict rules; from the process Operational standardization, including common processes, interchangeable production and flexible production.
3. With the increasingly fierce social competition, the task of aggravating the situation also followed, many large and medium-sized enterprises to buy early machines, equipment has been aging. I can provide you with equipment update service for this situation, including the replacement of the relevant equipment, the replacement of the equipment, the replacement of certain machines on the production line.
4. Weighing powder packaging machine is Shanghai Hua was Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. introduced a new type of weighing packaging machine. The machine adopts the electronic scale measurement, the packing quantity is accurate; The whole body stainless steel design, the better guarantee the product hygiene and safety; adopt the modern microcomputer control system, the operation is simple, the safe and the reliable; the vibration feeding material is more efficient.
5. A high-quality powder packaging machine its efficiency of not less than 99% (in order to produce three batches of normal batches of 2.0 grams of specifications Connaught town powder for the acceptance criteria; calculation formula = the actual number of finished products million bags / theoretical finished million bags) The Tight adhesion, can not be stripped of dislocation, leakage, no rupture, serious fold phenomenon; cut knife mouth smooth, no burr. Heat sealing test: immersed in water for 24 hours without water or moisture
This article comes from Shanghai Hua was Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
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