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Factors Affecting Feeding Speed of Vacuum Feeder

Time:2017-04-07   Author:Shang Hai Hua Cheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
Vacuum feeder, also known as vacuum conveyor, is a vacuum suction to transport particles and powder-like materials, dust-free closed pipeline transportation equipment, is widely used in pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, ceramics, feed, pigments, Agricultural production and scientific research. The use of vacuum conveyor can greatly reduce the dust pollution in the workshop, improve cleanliness, and a large number of artificial, reduce pollution, safe and reliable. Feeding speed and affect the mechanical efficiency, that this paper under the impact of vacuum feeding machine on the speed of the factors.
Factors affecting the operation of the feeder
1, different positioning methods affect the different factors. Such as mechanical stopper positioning, positioning accuracy and the stiffness of the block and touch the speed when the block and other factors.
2, positioning speed on the positioning accuracy of a great impact. This is because the positioning speed is different, the energy of the moving parts that must be dissipated is different. In general, in order to reduce the positioning error should be reasonable control of positioning speed, such as improving the cushioning device buffer performance and buffer efficiency, control the drive system to slow down the moving parts.
3, the accuracy of the manufacturing accuracy of the manipulator and installation speed accuracy of the positioning accuracy has a direct impact.
4, the weight of sports parts The weight of the moving parts, including the weight of the robot itself and the weight of the load. The change of the weight of the moving parts has great influence on the positioning accuracy. Usually, the weight of the moving parts increases, the positioning accuracy is reduced. Therefore, the design not only to reduce the weight of the moving parts themselves, but also to consider the impact of changes in work when the change.
5, the control system switch control, electro-hydraulic proportional control and servo control of the position control accuracy is different. This is not only because the accuracy and sensitivity of the various control elements are different, but also with the presence or absence of the position feedback device.
That if we can overcome the impact of the above factors, then the efficiency of our vacuum feeder can greatly enhance.
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