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Future trend of powder packaging machine

Time:2017-04-07   Author:Shang Hai Hua Cheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
China as a world population, the demand for goods has a large consumer market. Since the founding of new China, China's market economy development is rising, has been in a period of rapid development, in this prosperity behind the packaging of goods for its added to the more brilliant colors, these products are the need to pack machine equipment Finished, the powder packaging machine is one of the class. As an important member of the packaging industry, for the development of enterprises to create a lot of money, while the powder packaging machine in the development of the market so that more consumers are enjoying a very good service, buy value for money commodity.
But we should also consider that it is an indispensable device in the packaging of goods in today's market to play what kind of role? The rapid development of the domestic economy to the development of many industries has brought tremendous business opportunities and the market, but also brought great pressure to survive, in such a two-way factor in the choice of Shanghai Hua Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. should take what kind of measures And made today's brilliant it?
Hua was the powder packaging machinery will meet the trend of industrial automation, technology development will move in four directions: First, the diversification of mechanical functions. Industrial and commercial products have been refined and diversified, in the environment changes in the situation, diversified, flexible and has a variety of switching functions of the packaging machine can meet the market demand. Second, structural design standardization, modularization. Make full use of the original model modular design, in a short time to convert new models. Third, intelligent control. At present, packaging machinery manufacturers generally use PLC power load controller, although the PLC flexibility is great, but still do not have the computer (including software) has a powerful function. Fourth, the structure of high precision. Structural design and structural motion control and other related to the advantages and disadvantages of packaging mechanical properties, through the motor, encoder and digital control (NC), power load control (PLC) and other high-precision controller to complete and moderate to do product extension, High-tech industry in the direction of packaging equipment research and development.
Powder packaging machine as long as the right time to seize the opportunity to meet the needs of the market, so as to better achieve the value of powder packaging machine life, powder packaging machine demand continues to rise, it is also explained Powder packaging machine in the future development will have a better tomorrow.
The world's four major packaging machinery power of the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy are attaches great importance to market and user requirements, to improve the machine speed, improve productivity as an important indicator of the pursuit of design. Domestic package
Equipped with mechanical technology is not mature, but I uphold the Secretary for continuous learning and innovative quality, and constantly improve and improve our powder packaging machinery performance for the enterprises to create a better economy
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