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The type and price of particle packing machine

Time:2017-04-07   Author:Shang Hai Hua Cheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
With the development of China's catering industry, more and more customers pay great attention to the health of the diet, in the diet industry to solve the security risks of automatic shrink machine is an indispensable one. There are many industries have used automatic shrink machine, but the effect of contraction is not very satisfactory, Hua was independent research and development of automatic shrink machine to solve the above problems, to ensure that the enterprise packaging food safety.
Granule, milk powder, shampoo, cream, seasonings, chocolate, screws and other scattered materials, small pieces of materials, such as soup, granules, granules, cereal powder Packaging. (Material can be liquid, particles, powder, metal, pills, etc.)
Granule packaging machine types: long combination weighing particle packaging machine, to complete the automatic measurement, filling and other functions, to be manually with bagging, sealing. Frozen dumplings, quick-frozen dumplings, jelly, plum, peanuts, chocolates, candy, melon seeds, quick-frozen dumplings, quick-frozen dumplings, jelly, plum, peanuts, chocolate , Nuts, and other granular, spherical, strip, block material quantitative weighing; solid particle packaging machine, 1: the particle solid packaging machine using advanced microcomputer controller, driven stepper motor control bag length and Trademark positioning, stable performance, easy adjustment, accurate detection. 2: can be used for french fries, puffed food, shrimp, peanuts, popcorn, cereal, melon seeds and other granular, short strip, sheet-like fixed material on the plane packaging, triangular three-dimensional packaging, just one button can easily switch Flat packaging, three-dimensional packaging two packaging types.
The price of the granule packing machine usually ranges from thousands to tens of thousands, the price of the grain packing machine:
1. First of all, in terms of demand to see the price, if a product of relatively high technology, in addition to the technical aspects of the demand may also be more vigorous, but there is little expertise in this area of R & D capability, the price of.
2. There is the reason for the brand, that is, we usually said that the brand-name products are relatively high price is the same reason.
3. Finally, the cost of production, and may say that customers choose to buy products, when faced with the choice of two of the same packaging machine, but the price has a clear gap.
4. Now we all know that the gradual appreciation of the labor force, to the researchers, down to the front-line workers, labor costs have increased significantly, which also increased the burden of our packaging machinery, we only create more advanced equipment , So that the customer's packaging process becomes more convenient and quick.
Hua was advanced technology, developed a variety of excellent performance, high efficiency of the mechanical products for the enterprise product packaging services, and the price is also controlled to a lower. So that our products the most cost-effective for enterprises to create higher economic efficiency.
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