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Warm congratulations Shang Hai Hua Cheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. website on-line success!

Time:2017-04-07   Author:Shang Hai Hua Cheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
Warm congratulations Shang Hai Hua Cheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. website on-line success! Thanks to Shanghai Jindao Information Technology Co., Ltd. on the site of our technical support, welcome new and old friends to visit the website.

Shang Hai Hua Cheng Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. by virtue of a new generation of new forces and traditional automation knowledge. We innovate on the basis of theory and seek change in the actual production process. Combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, we wholeheartedly for customers to create automated production systems. Get rid of the traditional large manual production system, for your cost to a minimum, to make the best price, so as to get enough competitiveness in the market. Reliable quality, complete the plastic packaging and filling production lines, improve the service system, we have become many well-known companies designated suppliers. Products are exported to the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other parts of the world. All products are strict factory certification, we also provide a variety of equipment maintenance and intelligent upgrades. The main products are: plastic packaging machine (horizontal plastic packaging machine, prefabricated bags to the bag machine, rotary to the bag machine, vertical packaging machine); labeling machine (large legislation stickers, double-sided paste, (Weighing, linear, measuring cup, powder head, piston pump, etc.); for the material (the combination of said, linear, measuring cup, powder head, piston pump, etc.); filling the production line (Li bottle → filling → light detection → lock cover → labeling → packing) System (screw feeder, bucket elevator, vacuum feeder, etc.); dust-free production system (dust collector, large diameter dust collector); we choose high-quality steel, standardized processing technology, first-line brand Industrial electrical (Mitsubishi, Siemens, Schneider, etc.); strict assembly technology, the quality of equipment in the equipment! Superior cost-effective equipment for you to create the cheapest production costs in order to get enough competitive position in the market; our products are mainly used for medicine, food, chemical, makeup and other industries packaging. Our purpose: quality of survival, service and development. Our goal is to expand your expectations and look forward to working with you as a long-term partner, just as we do with our existing customers. When you have such a demand, please do not hesitate that we will invest our time, knowledge, money to build an ideal packaging solution to suit your needs and keep you up to your competitors' absolute advantage. Dedicated to domestic and foreign production team to provide quality and cheap products and related supporting services. We are waiting for your call, cooperation, Gongzhu brilliant.

Our contact information is as follows:
Contact: Zhou Xin
Tel: 400-653-2953
Mobile: 13022112728
Address: 3rd Floor, No.2, Minyi Road, Songjiang Industrial Zone, Shanghai
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